Friday, October 19, 2012

I Don't Feel Like Dancing

This one seems most appropriate for today because it is a little bit happy, but still a little bit low.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Walking on Sunshine

This is one of the most depressing songs - mostly because when you are low, you feel like you will never be this happy. That no one could be this happy and it is all a farce. Also, this is the first time I have ever seen the video, and I cannot believe how depressed the band members look while they are in the background of the outdoor scenes. This just confirms to me that this song is ironic, and it is really about feeling unhappy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Colorful vs. Grey

Not all music that reflects depressive themes come from 90's alternative bands. Just these first two happened to have. Similarly, they don't always reference relationships.

I do wonder though, if I am particularly drawn to the 90's alternative music because I was a teenager at that time, so it is especially relevant to me. Time and place have a great influence on how prescient art can be.

I particularly like the dynamism of the lyrics of the chorus - an acknowledgement of being less-than-stable. I know the feeling.

Also, it is Mental Illness Awareness Week - awareness is important because too many people suffer silently through their illnesses without getting the help they need. Often, this is because of the social stigma placed on people with mental illnesses. If you have a mental illness, or suspect you do, there are resources out there that can help you.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Music is an Outlet for Depression

The radio, the single, personal music devices like records, cassettes, CDs and MP3s - all of these things have revolutionized how the art of music affects the listener. It used to be that the only way music could be experienced would be as part of a group, listening to a live performance. Because of the new mediums, musicians and artists were able to craft more songs that reflected more personal emotions.

You don't have to be sad to appreciate sadness in music, or in this case depressed to appreciate songs that reflect depression. You might be depressed, you might not. You might hear a song that sounds depressing to you, but doesn't to me.

Today's song is not exactly ambiguous. When Rob Thomas sings:

"All day, starin' at the ceiling, makin' friends with shadows on my wall; All night, hearin' voices tellin' me I should get some sleep..."

I recognize feelings that I have had before. I don't sleep well most of the time anyway, but when I get into a funk I lie awake all night thinking I need to get to sleep. And when I don't sleep, I lie awake in bed all day exhausted by my emotions and lack of sleep.

I heard this song on the radio today and it resonated with me - it gave me the idea for this blog. I want to explore ideas of sadness, depression and music. Also, I think how sharing the ways that certain pieces of music may have an affect on the listener is a way that we are able to learn about each other.